Tribune of BAV 18.04.2018. on the topic FAMILY LAW of the 21. Century

Academy of the Bar Association invites you to a panel discussion on the topic

Family law 21 Ages: experiences 13 years of application of the Family Law

The forum will be held 18. April 2018. year (Wednesday) in 18 hours in the premises of the Bar Association, in Novi Sad, the. Zmaj Jovina No.20 / I.


Dr. Mary Draškić, Professor of Law, University of Belgrade

  • the exercise of parental rights;
  • inconsistency of parents in decision-making on issues that significantly influence the life of a child, possible solutions to PZ and jurisprudence

Oliver PEJAK Prokeš, Judge of the Appellate Court in Novi Sad

  • baby in court proceedings;
  • determination of the child;
  • conflict of interests of the child and parents.