Commission for legislation and legal practice in the field of criminal law

The Management Board of the Bar Association of Vojvodina at the session held on 24.11.2017. year, formed a Committee for legislation and legal practice in the field of criminal law, the following members:

  1. Biljana Djuric, lawyer in Stara Pazova;
  2. George Bokšan, attorney in Pancevo;
  3. Miroslav Djordjevic, lawyer in Zrenjanin;
  4. Petar Cvetkovic, lawyer in Novi Sad;
  5. Clear Mrksic, lawyer in Novi Sad;
  6. Bosko Arsenijevic, lawyer in Novi Sad;
  7. Aleksandar Nikolic, lawyer in Novi Sad;
  8. Milan Unković, lawyer in Novi Sad;
  9. Viktor Juhas Đurić, lawyer in Subotica;
  10. Milan Pesic, lawyer in Odzaci.

For the coordinator of the Commission elected Petar Cvetkovic, lawyer in Novi Sad, and then at a meeting held on 06.12.2017. year, same elected as President of the Commission.

The Commission aims to follow the regulations and case law in the field of criminal law and to that end reports to the Board of the Bar Association of Vojvodina and members of the Bar Association of the current issues in the fields of criminal law. The Commission will make recommendations to the Board of Directors BAV, when it comes to detecting legal solutions, which are not applicable in practice or which would significantly hampered treatment defense lawyers in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings and that the aspect of human rights protection was unfavorable to defendants.

The Commission will also, collect jurisprudence, so they would be available to colleagues, that would appeal to the same effect on the harmonization of court practice.

The Commission will inform the Board of Directors AKV about all the solutions contained in the draft laws or laws that have been adopted, and which application should, which are directly related to the duties they have lawyers.

The Commission shall meet periodically, and at least five times during the year and three times a year shall report to the Board on its activities AKV.

The Commission will, together with the Academy AKV organize expert discussions, to opening the discussion and conclusions reached in connection with the open legal questions.

This way, We call on all colleagues who want to contribute to the work of the Commission, to send their technical and scientific work in this area, as well as case law, so we did the same accessible and enhance our fund. All suggestions and material sent to the official e-mail address AKV (, with note “For the Commission of Criminal Law”.