Training: “Meditation and advocacy – representing clients in mediation”

Academy of the BAV invites you to sign up and take part in:

two-day training: “MEDIATION and advocacy – representing clients in mediation” to be held 21-22.September 2018 in the premises of the Bar Association ul.Zmaj Jovina No.20 / I which is, under sponsorship Kingdom of the Netherlands, organized in cooperation with the Partners for Democratic Change Serbia.

This two-day training is aimed at lawyers and law trainees who can be found in the role of representatives of their clients, legal and natural persons in the procedures of mediation and aims to improve the skills of lawyers to effectively represent their clients in the process of extra-judicial dispute settlement.


  • Dragana Cuk Milankov, psychologist, mediator,
  • Blazo Nedic, lawyer, Regional mediator of the World Bank and the President’s NUMS.

The first day of training will be held from 15:30 to 20:00h, and another of 9:00 to 13:00h.

Applications should be sent no later than 07.july 2018. year, to address, provided that the identification number of the lawyer / trainee legitimacy.

Number of participants is limited to a minimum 16 and maximum 28 participants.

Applications will be accepted in order of registration up to the maximum number of 28 participants.