Training “Gender equality and the role of the legal profession” in Novi Sad

Academy Bar Association of alerts you and asks you to sign up for participation in training: Gender equality and the role of the legal profession.

The goal of the training is to introduce the fundamental legal acts of anti-discrimination legislation, as well as problems in practice when creating their applications. Of lecturers-experts in this field, acquire the necessary practical knowledge in the field of protection against discrimination in general and protection from gender-based discrimination, and the role that lawyers have in the process and the protection, as well as knowledge in the field of gender equality, including the European Court of Human Rights, Commissioner for Equality and the Provincial Ombudsman – Ombudsman.

The training will be held: 01-02. June (Friday and Saturday) 2018. in Novi Sad, in the premises of the Bar Association, in Novi Sad, the. Zmaj Jovina No.20 / I.


  • Prof. Dr. Nevena Petrusic, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade,
  • Prof. Dr. Marijana Pajvancic, Faculty of Law, University of Novi Sad, retired,
  • Ljubinka Krkljuš, lawyer in Novi Sad,
  • Mirela Radonjanin, lawyer in Novi Sad,
  • Danica Todorov, former deputy for gender equality Provincial Ombudsman

number of participants: 10-14, priority in the order of registration.

Deadline for registration: to 18. May 2018. year, e-mail Academy Bar Association of, provided that the identification number of the lawyer / trainee legitimacy.

Attached is the program schedule and the schedule of training activities.