The two-day training on communication skills, public speaking and speech, 14-15. September 2018. in Novi Sad

How to improve communication skills with clients and colleagues? What are the strategies of verbal presentation? How to solve the communication node? What we say non-verbal communication?


  • Prof. dr Ira Prodanov
  • Prof. Ivana Kaluđerović Šiđanski

The two-day training will be held at the Bar Association of Vojvodina

  • 14. September (16-20h)i 15. September (9-13h).

Applications should be sent no later than 30.06.2018. year, to address, provided that the identification number of the lawyer / trainee legitimacy.

Number of participants is limited to a minimum 12 and maximum 16 participants.

Applications will be accepted in order of registration up to the maximum number of 16 participants.

In the case of higher interest, there is a possibility of organizing the course in new terms.

Attached is the schedule with the schedule of activities Course.

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