The agenda of the session of the Board 03.04.2018. year

Based on the article 77. paragraph 1 item 2. Statute Bar Association of convening 15. session of the Board of Bar Association of the day 

03. april 2018year (Tuesday) starting at 6 pm.

The session of the Board will be held in Novi Sad, in the premises of the Bar Association, in the street Zmaj Jovina 20/1.

I suggest the following


  1. Adoption of the agenda
  2. Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  3. Confirming the decision with the electronic session of 21. 03. 2018. year
  4. Report by the Chairman AK Vojvodina
  5. The report of the Secretary AK Vojvodina
  6. Adoption of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for 2017. year
  7. Adoption of the Financial Plan for 2018. year
  8. The decision on the choice of insurance companies for insurance of professional responsibility of lawyers for a period of 17.05.2018. to 17. 05.2019. year
  9. The decision on the selection of banks and investing funds AK Vojvodina
  10. The decision on further action regarding the auditor’s report
  11. The report on the work of the Steering Committee for the Assembly of Vojvodina AK
  12. The decision to create the new site AK Vojvodina
  13. Financial Report professional services
  14. Enrollment in Attorneys, Law trainees, delete and other changes
  15. Miscellaneous

At the session are invited: Biljana Bjeletić, Vice President AK Vojvodina, Milan Punish, Secretary of the Board, Milos Nikolic, Treasurer of the Board, Board members: Predrag Basaric, Joža Laslo, Vladislav Kostic, Jovan Mihajlovic, Alexander Moth, Dusan Nikolic, Mirko Rapajić, Slobodan slot, Srbislav Spajic, Dragan Vujovic, President Disc.suda Goran Ilic, disc.tužilac Milan Stupar, the branch presidents AKV, MB members AKV in ACS Mladen Grbic, Goran Stanivuković, Tanja Arsic and Rajko Maric, President of the Assembly AKV George Misirkić, President of the Greater lecturer Branko Tatic, President of the Commission for opinions on matters of liability insurance Vukasin Jovovic.

President of the Bar Association
Vladimir Beljanski s.r.