Official opening of the Club Lawyer Vojvodina

Dear colleagues,

We invite you to attend the official opening of the Club Lawyer Vojvodina, which will be held on Thursday, 29.03.2018. The starting not before 8:30 pm and on Friday, 30.03.2018. starting at 8 pm. The club will be open both days from 5 pm.

The opening will magnify Novi Sad pop chorus radio, whose member lawyer Momcilo Mitrevski, while the opening of the show which will be held in Novi Sad Theater joined by actors, participants and musicians performances “Jami District” which entered the selection of Sterija’s Theater, i to: director Kokan Mladenovic, actress Isidora Simijonović, Jelena Graovac and Nina Neskovic, as well as musicians Jamal Al Kiswani and Marko Grubić.

The official opening will continue on Friday, 30.03.2018. when will be held party with the music by DJ, our colleagues, lawyer Djordje Jeftic.


The Bar Association of Vojvodina decided that after a long time again activate your club, former Drezvej. He will begin his new life under the name Club Lawyer Vojvodina. This space will be reserved for members of AKV, so, will be closed.

The purpose of existence and operation of the club are primarily collegial gatherings, cultural events, organizing expert discussions and other informal meetings. On the Facebook page of the Club will be publicized working hours, program schedule and event announcements.

All lawyers and legal trainees enrolled in the directory AKV are welcome. On the rules of conduct and dress guests of the club shall apply the Code of Ethics, or the rules of the club, which are published here.

Rules Club Lawyer Vojvodina

We hope to outside the office and courthouse in this town will be able to get to know, exchange opinions and ideas and let go of the daily duties.

Therefore, we invite you to join us and help make our common club becomes a place in which we will all be happy to come. All your comments and suggestions, particularly with respect to the future program, as well as personal participation in the same, will welcome.

The Board of the Club