Executive Board meeting scheduled for Law Trainees 22.05.2018. in 3pm

According to Article 21. Rules of Procedure of the Board of Law Trainees, Chairman of the Executive Board of Law Trainees AKV scheduled regular session of the Executive Board for 22.05.2018. year, starting at 3pm, in Bar Association of premises.

The agenda of the session:

  1. Introduction
  2. The decision of the Board to adopt the program for training law
    Bar Association of the trainee during the trainee
  3. International competition “Human Rights Oratory Competition”
  4. Determining the current situation in practice law trainee exercises
    on the territory of AKV
  5. Suggestions for improving the performance of a legal practice internship exercises
  6. Miscellaneous

With regard to the content of the envisaged agenda and issues to be
The Executive Committee discussed law trainees AKVpursuant to
member 26. The rules committee, calls on all law trainees from the territory
BAV to attend a scheduled meeting for an opinion and a proposal for further
the work of the Executive Board and improving the status of law traineesa special
interested in participating in the international competition “Human
Rights Oratory Competition”.

Chairman of the Executive Board
adv.pripravnika AKV
Adv.pripravnik Leona Dimitrov