CLUB: 10.04.2018. from 8:30 am: Talks on Sterijno pozorje and other topics of culture

At date 10.04.2018. starting at 8:30 am, Director of Sterija’s Theater, Dr. Miroslav Radonjic, in an interview with journalist weekly “time” and theater critic Nataša Gvozdenovic will speak about the upcoming pozorje, mission of this festival, domestic drama text and their books that deal with Steria and dramatic opus Vida Ognjenovic. It will also be presented and new issue Culture.

Sterijino pozorje is founded 1956. as a permanent festival of national drama and theater of competitive character, in the framework of celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the birth and the 100th anniversary of the death of the great Serbian comedy The concept of crime. Since then Sterija Theater every year organizes a theater festival where participating theaters in the country and abroad with plays based on texts Yugoslav writers.

In defining the program and the status of Sterija’s Theater participated the most prominent personalities of our society, culture and arts. The first Committee of Sterija’s Theater, who is appointed by the City Council of Novi Sad, 29. March 1956, they were, among others, Josip Vidmar (President), Ivo AndricMilan BogdanovićBranko Gavelavelibor GligoricDmitar KjostarovMladen LeskovacVeljko PetrovicDusan PopovicTomislav TanhoferRadomir Radujkov i Milos Hadzic.

The concept of crime (Vrsac, 13. January 1806 – Vrsac, 10. mart 1856) was a Serbian lawyer and writer and one of the leading intellectuals of his time. It is considered the founder of the Serbian drama. The first is one of the best Serbian playwright. Minister of Education The concept of crime is brought 10. May 1844. the command, which established “Museum of Serbian” in Belgrade, which is considered the founder of this institution. In Sterijinoj memorial home has for many years been the seat Literary municipality of Vrsac.